Marketing and Communication Request Form

This form aims to encourage a systematic approach to address WACRH’s Communications / Marketing needs and streamline responses to staff requests for support in this area.

Please take the time to reflect on your needs before you submit this form.

Submissions are forwarded to the Marketing and Communications Officer plus the Centre Manager.

Thank you!
Email:* Project Title* Project Name or PG number:* Budget:* Project description and project goal:* Deadline date or event date:* date selector Your Name:* Primary Audience (i.e. main group this is aimed at):* Secondary Audience : Approvals: Stakeholders (i.e. people/organisations) involved in the approval process: Marketing and Communications request: Event Management: Design event flyer Facebook event listing WACRH website event listing Event marketing assistance or Other (please specify) Facebook post Facebook event Facebook sponsored advert Design social media graphic Social media campaign You Tube Vimeo MailChimp newsletter/mailout Social Media Media Relations Media Release Liaison for traditional news platforms (e.g. local newspaper and media) Radio interview (specify preferred radio station) Radio advert (specify preferred radio station) Copy editing Copywriting support Other (Please specify) Website Homepage banner (at top of webpage) WACRH news article Event Calendar listing Web Form (information/registration) Website Design/Development Update website content New website content Other (Please specify) Print marketing Advertising (e.g. local newspaper) Banner (e.g. pullup banner) Branding/Identity Direct Mail Invitation Signage Other (Please specify) Photography / Videography Note: It is the responsibility of the event organiser to organise and collect photo consent forms Photo Shoot Video Production Other (Please specify) Brochure/flyer Project owner’s name (i.e. approves and signs off on marketing request)* Please specify the marketing and communications required *

Please provide as much detail for the request as you can

(refer to list below for possible services:)
Key Message: Note: This may be outsourced to an external agency Please specify marketing request :*