Poche Centre for Indigenous Health



WACRH leads one of the key focus areas for the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health

The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health at UWA brings together the University’s expertise, programs and resources in a strong collaborative partnership focused on a central theme for Aboriginal people and communities - Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives. The Centre aims to drive a transformative intergenerational Aboriginal health research agenda, which delivers tangible, measurable health outcomes and services directly to Aboriginal people and communities.

The establishment of the Poche Centre at UWA is made possible by an extraordinarily generous gift by leading Australian health philanthropist Greg Poche AO and his wife, Kaye van Norton Poche, and the dedicated work of Mr Reg Richardson AM. UWA’s Poche Centre joins a family of Poche Centres at the University of Sydney, Flinders University (Adelaide and Alice Springs) and the University of Melbourne.

Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives has three key focus areas:

  1. Culture, Wellbeing and Mental Health
  2. Aboriginal Children’s Health, Disability and Developmental Outcomes for Aboriginal Children
  3. Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease for Aboriginal people.

Professor Sandra Thompson leads WACRH’s key focus area: “Health service intervention for better prevention and management of chronic disease for Aboriginal people”. WACRH will focus on two chronic conditions, cancer and cardiovascular disease.


UWA Poche Centre for Indigenous Health: http://www.poche.uwa.edu.au/