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    Associate Professor Rural Health

        BPharm(Hons) (Tas); PhD (Tas)
        M: 0412191642
        E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

       Professional Background 

Dr Rohan Rasiah is an Associate Professor Rural Health, at the Western Australian Centre Rural Health and is based in the Pilbara. He is a practicing community pharmacist and prior to his appointment at WACRH, he was the Program Convenor of the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) program at the University of Newcastle.  His teaching experience encompasses clinical pharmacotherapy, pharmacokinetics and rural health.  Dr Rasiah has taught into undergraduate and postgraduate programs in pharmacy, nursing, midwifery and allied health, focusing on disease state management, communication skills, clinical leadership and prescribing.

He has experience in using simulated learning environments to help engage students and integrate their core knowledge into practice and expertise in the delivery of simulation exercises for pharmacy and other health professional students in an inter-professional environment and has been actively involved in curriculum design and delivery in particular around the incorporation of simulation into curricula.

He is currently on the TEQSA Register of Experts (Discipline 060501 Pharmacy; Academic Quality Assurance; Curriculum Development and Design). From 2013-2016 he was an academic representative on the Accreditation Committee of the Australian Pharmacy Council.  He was a member of the Health Workforce Australia Program Advisory Group for Simulation.  He has been the Deputy President of Academic Senate (Teaching and Learning) at the University of Newcastle from 2010-2012. Prior to his appointment at the University of Newcastle he was the Pharmacist Academic located with the Mt Isa Centre for Rural and Remote Health and Senior Lecturer in the Bachelor of Pharmacy Program at James Cooks University. 

      Research Interests :

  •       Simulated Learning Environments and Assessment
  •       Quality Use of Medicines
  •       Provision of Health Services to Remote Communities
  •       Aboriginal Health
  •       Primary Health Care
  •       Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Programs

      Memberships / Affiliations:

  •       Member, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
  •       Member, Professional Pharmacists Australia
  •       Member, International Pharmaceutical Federation 





















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  • Prof Greg Peterson and Dr Rohan Rasiah. Case Studies in Clinical Pharmacokinetics 1999

Creative Works:

  • Croft H, Nesbitt KV, Rasiah R, Cooper J, Arrighi G, Joyce B, McGuire B, Communication Scenario: Over the Counter Dispensing of the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (Video and Animation - in 3 parts) (2013)



  • Evaluation of Examiner Training and Development of an Examiner Training Module – Assoc Prof Rohan Rasiah, Joyce Cooper, Dr Leanne Chalmers and Prof Luke Bereznicki (2015). Funding $100,000
  • Development of a Benchmarking Tool for Pharmacy Students Using Threshold Learning Outcomes – Dr Leanne Chalmers, Rosie Nash, Sandra Holmes, Luke Bereznicki, Dr Michelle Bellingan (2014): University of Tasmania Teaching Development Grant - $7366
  • The Virtual Pharmacy:  Development of an interactive 3D virtual pharmacy application to enhance student engagement and learning in the Master of Pharmacy Program. Joyce Cooper, Assoc Prof Rohan Rasiah, Dr Keith Nesbit, Assoc Prof Jennifer Schneider, Assoc Prof David Newby (2011):    University of Newcastle.  Funding $10,000
  • Improved Simulation Education Models - a pedagogical initiative by the Disciplines of Drama and Pharmacy. Gillian Arrighi, Brian Joyce, Assoc Prof Rohan Rasiah, Joyce Cooper (2011):  University of Newcastle.  Funding $10,000
  • Developing an Interprofessional course for health professional students. Dr Conor Gilligan, Dr Alison Ferguson, Prof Tracy Levett-Jones, Dr Teresa Stone, Assoc Prof Sue Outram, Lyn Ebert, Dr Yolanda Surjan, Dr Graeme Horton, Kylie Agllias, Assoc Prof Martin Veysey, Assoc Prof Rohan Rasiah (2011): University of Newcastle.  Funding $10,000
  • Enhancing the teaching of medication safety to nursing, pharmacy and medical students through interprofessional education (IPE). Dr Helen Bellchambers, Dr Conor Gilligan, Dr Teresa Stone, Dr Sue Outram, Joyce Cooper, Assoc Prof Rohan Rasiah, Samuel Lapkin (University of Newcastle), Prof Alison Jones (University of Western Sydney), Prof Gregory Peterson (University of Tasmania) (2010):  Australian Learning and Teaching Council. Funding $217,000
  • Use of Simulated Learning Environments in Pharmacy Curricula. A/Prof Rohan Rasiah, A/Prof Tracy Levett-Jones, Ms Joyce Cooper, University of Newcastle, Prof Greg Peterson, Mrs Juanita Westbury, Mr Peter Gee, University of Tasmania (2010):. Health Workforce Australia. Funding: $68,521.54.
  • HWA Clinical Training Funding Program for Pharmacy Placements. A/Prof Rohan Rasiah, Ms Joyce Cooper, Ms Helen Dowling, Prof Judith Scott (2010): Health Workforce Australia. Funding: $240,000 over 4 years
  • Intercultural Clinical Communication: A resource for Clinical Educators in the Faculty of Health, (2008), $5000, University of Newcastle Equity Initiative Grants – collaboration with other disciplines within the Faculty of Health
  • Study reimbursements scholarships for rural pharmacy undergraduate students – a scoping project, (2003), $29684, Rural And Remote Pharmacy Workforce Development Program, Pharmacy Guild Of Australia – UDRHs in QLD, SA, Tas and Schools of Pharmacy – UQ, UTas, UniSA, JCU
  • Innovative marketing of rural and remote pharmacy practice via the digital medium (in collaboration with University of Tasmania), (2003), $31350, Rural And Remote Pharmacy Workforce Development Program, Pharmacy Guild Of Australia – MICRRH and Tasmanian School of Pharmacy
  • PHARM (Pharmacy-based Heart Assessment and Referral Methodology): a program to tackle coronary heart disease in the Australian community (in collaboration with University of Tasmania), (2003), $165000, Third Community Pharmacy Agreement Research & Development Grants, Pharmacy Guild Of Australia - MICRRH and Tasmanian School of Pharmacy
  • Establishment of an Innovative Rural and Remote Pharmacy Practice Network (RRPPN) ($164,035). - UDRHs in SA, Tas, NSW (Broken Hill), WA, Vic, NT, QLD, KAMSC